Sometimes we turn work away!

Sometimes we turn work away!

At RDS Fire and Security we design, install and maintain a variety of fire detection and security systems but if you ask us for something we can’t do, we will be 100% honest and let you know.

Let us explain, for example we get asked…

“Can you look at our fire doors” or

“Hi I was recommended to you for fire alarm maintenance but can you also do our sprinkler system as well” or

“I’m looking for someone to design and install AOV and a fire detection system”

Rest assured when you contact RDS we will not tell you we can inspect fire doors to win your CCTV install.

We will not tell you we can maintain sprinklers just to win your fire alarm maintenance.

We will not tell you we can do fire dampers just to get your Fire detection package.

We are happy to engage with, or recommend one of our network of trusted and proven specialist contractors but we will be 100% transparent about it if you need them.

We will not tell you we can do it and then go away and figure out how to deliver it putting your compliance at risk.

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? Honesty – Because Its the right thing to do!
? Delivery – Highest standard of work completed on time!
? Safety – Everyone gets home in one piece!

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