RDS New Office Update!

RDS New Office Update!

There’s been some good progress this week. Hoping to be up and running by end of March! 🤞

Our glazed shop front arrives this week! 👍

A few people have asked what systems we plan to use so here it is *drumroll please!*

⭐Intruder alarm – Honeywell Galaxy Dimension

⭐Fire Alarm – Advanced MXPro5 with touch control

⭐ CCTV – AXIS using S11 racked server, multi monitor 4k workstation and networked external audio deploying a variety of analytics such as people counting and detection.

⭐ Access Control – AXIS for a unified solution direct into camera station VMS.

⭐Fog system – Fog Bandit.

We will be going into more detail on some of these systems once installed to show you them in action!!

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