M&E contracts delivered on time without hassle!

M&E contracts delivered on time without hassle!

You want a high quality installation, delivered on time. You want a reliable, honest Fire & Security installation company to do that work. And you want a commitment to health and safety on site.

When you employ RDS, this is what you get. High quality work. Deadlines met. No hassle.

It starts with a system design, spec and technical submission list. You?ll get everything you need in one simple package. Delivered to you, promptly.

We make your life easier, so you come to us again and again?

Contacting us is easy, through our website: https://www.rdsfireandsecurity.co.uk/mechanical-and-electrical-services-sub-contractors

By email info@rdsfireandsecurity.co.uk
By phone Office: 0800 368 9091