Enabling your business compliance with Social Distancing….

Enabling your business compliance with Social Distancing.

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented significant challenges for Businesses. For those that have remained open the main challenge has been how to ensure staff and visitors stay safe and adhere to Social Distancing guidelines whilst on site. Many have resorted to low tech manned guard solutions, which are easy to deploy, but are proving costly as time progresses.

For those that have closed their sites and offices, there have been financial challenges and now further headaches as they consider how they can reopen their sites and offices safely. We have had several clients reach out to us and ask ?how can we implement suitable control measures that will ensure the safety of our staff and members of the public on our sites, without the reliance on Guards??

Our Research and Development team have developed an electronic solution which provides Real Time Information to Staff and Visitors. Our solution can provide clear information on whether it is safe to enter a building or a particular room within a building with a clear Human Traffic Light System. This can be deployed to cover one door or simply networked to provide a solution to rooms or buildings with multiple entrances.

Easily installed and set up, these systems will present your Staff/Visitors with clear guidance on whether it is safe to enter the building or room.

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